What I have learned about the pain of comfort zone
July 17, 2015 By kasamalee
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“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”
~ Brian Tracy, Entrepreneur and Professional Speaker

I remember those days in college where I would come up with an excuse why I would stay home when my friends were asking me to go out with them.

I remember those times when I had to speak in front of a small group of people and I would be horrified and my legs were literally shaking! Actually, I thought I was going to pass out!

Then through following that thing called “passion” that was screaming inside of me, I’ve learned over the years that each time I would make a decision to step outside my comfort zone, which is the zone I knew for sure, I would grow just a little bit.

With the personal growth work I have invested myself in over time, I now love meeting new people; connecting and learning about their passion and seeing how we could collaborate our efforts.

How about this? I now enjoy speaking in a room full of people I don’t know, no matter the size, to see how I can get my message across standing in my authenticity. And to see if I could just positively impact one person’s life during those moments. The biggest crowd I was blessed to stand in front of was 5,000 people in an arena in 2010. Oh and by the way, I did not learn how to speak English until I was 14 years old. How’s that for living outside the comfort zone? Insane right?

I am not at all trying to impress you. I am simply trying to impress upon you that most of us are living our lives, and functioning way below our potential capability given to us, myself included. Why? Because it’s comfortable to stick with what we know, isn’t it?

I truly believe that the comfort zone is not necessarily where we love being in. We just stay there because we know how to operate in it. I mean who wants to make a fool out of themselves when they try something new for the first time and look so awkward? Guess what, no one cares more than you do. Do you think Oprah cared how crazy it might seem to be one of the first African American women on television? Yes, it does take a certain amount of guts to make the move without worrying about what other people may think of you. As the great saying goes, “What you think of me is none of my business.” It’s the philosophy I have lovingly adopted.

Listen, the growth actually takes place outside our comfort zone. This is where we grow, stretch, think, and challenge ourselves. Do you agree?

I have, in fact, made it my business, literally, to serve other women to step outside their comfort zone and sing out their passion song so they would live their best lives through transformational coaching and consulting.

I encourage you to identify an area outside of your comfort zone today that you know would lead you to the results beyond what you experience now. It could be in your work, your business or in your relationships. Take baby steps, walk into the unknown. Find a mentor or a coach to keep you from sliding back to what you know. Watch your awesome self grow and watch those new results take place.

And I will be right here screaming “you rock my friend! Keep up the good work!”

So what is that feeling, relationship or goal outside of your comfort zone that you’ve always wanted? Write it down now while your courage is on your side. Act on it tomorrow! Share your comment below. Who knows, your burst of courage may inspire others who’s reading this blog to make their move too.

Stay blessed and shine on.

About The Author:

Kasama is a mother, a wife, a well-recognized inspirational speaker who has become a coach, a consultant to professionals in business who want to positively impact their work and their team through leadership development. She is a certified John Maxwell leadership speaker, trainer and coach. She’s a creator of an Online Course Community for professional and personal development:The Winning Formula.

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