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About Kasama

“Kasama Lee is an amazing coach!!! Few people I have known work at the ability to actually walk in someone else’s shoes like Kasama. She has the intuition to know how to dig down deep into another person’s belief system, in order to initiate change. This woman has such a unique ability to help you discover and live your own purpose.

Kasama gets to the heart of the matter by looking at qualities in yourself you have rarely tapped. She creates change by letting you see your skills in a new way. She never pushes past your ability to see your own way forward, but she never misses the best way to help you step up. For leaders, this skill is invaluable.

Live your potential, get results!

Thank you Kasama!!!”

~ Dr. Stephanie VanDyne

My goal is to add more value to your life than you ever dreamed possible by giving you the personal success mindset and a system that you can immediately use to improve your life, business, relationships and health.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”
~ Henry Ford


Professional Bio

Kasama is a mother of two boys and a wife. She’s a well-recognized speaker, trainer and coach in leadership development. She has been personally mentored and certified by John Maxwell and his leadership team. She has been blessed to have become a mentor to hundreds in business who are living their life’s purpose. Her work creates proven measurable results with individuals and organizations which seek growth and change to their greatest potential.

She brings her combined decades of expertise as a corporate executive, a top-producing sales professional, a leadership trainer and coach to guide you on this leadership climb.

PASSION: Kasama loves the work of personal growth and leadership development like she loves eating a freshly-made big scoop of green tea ice cream. Just can’t get enough of it. She believes it’s perfectly fine to be different, and be the best version of YOU! This world needs more people who are living into their greatest potential.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING and LEADERSHIP TRAINING: She leads and trains on leadership, organizational culture and personal growth to executive teams, sales teams and mid-level teams which seek to take their organizations, in alignment with their core values, to their greatest potential.

LEADERSHIP AND PROFESSIONAL COACHING: She specializes in guiding her client to their clarity in their work and in their life. Achieving greatness requires a clear vision. The top 20% achievers generate 80% of results in the world.
Social Contributions:

Kasama has a soft spot for the youth, the next generation who will make our world a better place. She gets invited to speak at high schools, middle schools and faith-based youth groups about self-leadership, positive image, role model and positive influence. In 2012, she created a unique, dynamic and mindset-shifting program for the teens under the name of Young Leadership Academy.

The various roles she serves are:

  • The City of American Canyon Parks and Recreation Foundation – Board Member
  • The Boys and Girl Club of Napa Valley – Cabinet Member
  • Relay For Life – Youth Engagement Chair
  • American Canyon Community Church – Leadership Team
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